Air Fryers in the USA

While air fryers were initially marketed in Europe, they are now becoming more readily available in the USA and Canada.

The Actifry and Phillips can still be hard to obtain, but not impossible. However there are different models that have been developed for the US which are just as good.

Take for example the GLIP AF800. The GLIP is similar in design and the way it works to the Phillips Air Fryer. It will cook your favorite foods and snacks in a healthier way using the principle of rapid-air exchange (continuously heated air combined with high-speed air cycling) and a unique, multi-surface air flow design to provide a one-time comprehensive heating. So, for most food, there is no need to add oil for cooking.

With the additional roasting plate, you now have a more convenient way to make delicious foods like fries, chicken wings, cheese sticks, hamburgers and much more! You will also enjoy eating your healthier food sooner than with traditional models, because the Glip Oil-less Air Fryer can cook delicious meals and snacks in less time. Most foods, including fries, pork chop, chicken wings, drumsticks, calamari, shrimp, etc., are ready to serve within 20 minutes and the built-in timer, which supports automatic turnoff, allows you to preset a maximum of 30 minutes, if necessary.

Cleanup is simple because the removable frying basket is dishwasher-safe. The Fryer also comes with cool-touch housing and a heat insulated handle for easy and safe operation.

This AF800 model comes in Black or White, Power output: 1400WVoltage: 120V/60Hz with a capacity: of 2.2Liter. Maximum Cooking Temperature is 400DegreeF and there is a  30 minute Timer. Made from Stainless steel, steel with enamel, and comes with a Heat Resistant Pad, Manual and Cookbook. Prices currently around $138.