VonShef Turbo Air Fryer

New on the market in the UK is the VonShef Turbo Air Fryer. As with the Tefal Actifry and the Philips Air Fryer the VonShef will cut out most of the calories and fat in cooking.

With 7 programmable modes – Speedy, Roast, Fries, Bake, Pizza, Steak and Skewer – as well as a manual setting, the VonShef Air Fryer makes a versatile addition to the modern kitchen. It also features a handy manual setting – which can be set to cook between 50 – 230℃ and for up to 60 minutes.

With its spacious 10 litre capacity bowl, you’re not confined to cooking just small meals with the VonShef Air Fryer – which is large enough to hold an entire chicken.

The VonShef Air Fryer scores highly when it comes to energy-efficiency too, with its ability to cook just as thoroughly as a conventional oven whilst using less energy.

Clear digital display, easy to read PCB control and overheat protection feature for safe cooking.


Select the ‘speedy’ setting, and your food will be cooked in record time. This setting is great for cooking a wide range of foods – from vegetables to fish. The speedy setting is perfect for those days when you need a tasty meal but don’t have time to waste.


Using the ‘roast’ setting, you can create a roast dinner with all the trimmings with minimal fuss and minimal fat. From chicken, pork, lamb and beef to potatoes and vegetables, this setting will roast your food to absolute perfection.


The VonShef Turbo Air Fryer dispels the myth that chips and fries have to be fattening and unhealthy – in fact they can be quite the opposite. Using the smallest spoonful of oil, in a just a few minutes you’ll be enjoying some of the most delicious and healthiest chips you’ve ever tasted.


Baking is even more fun with the VonShef Air Fryer, making it easier than ever to bake cakes, cheesecakes, bread, quiche and much more. Baking using the VonShef Air Fryer is quick, easy and healthy, and the air fryer is compatible with many types of dishes, trays and moulds.


You can’t quite beat the taste of a home-made pizza, and with the VonShef Air Fryer, you don’t have to be a culinary whizz to create a pizza worthy of a top Italian pizzeria. Achieve a crispy, evenly cooked base with using the dual rack.


Whether you like yours rare, medium or well done, the VonShef Air Fryer makes light work of cooking a mouth-wateringly delicious steak which tickles the taste-buds. Low – medium temperature cooks steak to perfection – retaining flavour and keeping meat moist.


The skewer function is a must for expertly spit-roasting chicken and smaller joints of meat. Using the skewer attachment, rotating feature ensures meat is cooked evenly – the end result being moist and succulent. Perfect for the Sunday roast.


When cooking chicken, it’s vital that to make sure that it’s defrosted properly. This is where the VonShef Air Fryer comes in handy. Meat is defrosted quickly yet thoroughly to get cooking off to the best possible start.

Accessories Included

The VonShef Air Fryer comes complete with a great range of accessories – tongs, dual rack, baking cage and fork. These accessories make the Fryer an even more versatile culinary choice and a must-have for every modern kitchen.

60-Minute Timer

Easy to read timer ensures food is cooked for exactly the right time for the most delicious results. Timer can be set for up to 60 minutes.


Non-stick coating stops food from sticking, burning and cooking unevenly, which not only produces the most delicious food, but also makes cleaning the fryer an incredibly easy task.

Variable Temperature

Temperature can be manually set between 50 and 230°C. This is great for cooking dishes which are best cooked on the manual setting, rather than a pre-programmed mode.


As the Air Fryer doesn’t need lots of oil in order to cook food thoroughly, the fat content of food is greatly reduced when compared to other methods of cooking. With the VonShef Air Fryer, every meal can be a healthy meal.

The Box Contains
1 x 13/093 Turbo Air Fryer
1 x tongs
1 x dual rack
1 x baking cage
1 x fork
instruction manual

Russell Hobbs Purifry Health Fryer

And still they come….. Yet another air fryer has now reached the market, again a testiment to their popularity. This time, we have the Russell Hobbs Health Fryer which should be available on the market for around £80. Yet again this one is in a similar design to the Philips Air Fryer which was the first to come out with this egg shaped design.

So is this one any different? Probably not, but Russell Hobbs like Philips do have quite a good following as they have been around for some time. Reviewers seem to think it’s good (see some of the reviews at the bottom of the page), so it’s up to you to decide. If you buy from a reputable web site or store, you can always return it under the guarantee so worth a punt if you either buying for the first time or replacing an original (I’ve had my Philips since they first came out and it still gets regular use and looks good on the worktop).

Here’s a few basics of the Russell Hobbs Purifry Health Fryer that may help.

2L capacity
Basket separator
Timer with auto switch-off
Variable temperature up to 200°C
Cooks both fresh or frozen
Dishwasher safe basket

The Purifry from Russell Hobbs is designed to be fast and easy to use as it utilizes fast-circulating air to cook favourites like chips or chicken nuggets using very little oil or fat. The coatings are claimed to be still crispy and of course there is no vapour or odour of food frying.

You can roast and bake with it too… helped by the recipe book that comes with it to give you a few ideas (there are also several recipes and details of air fryer recipe books on this site).

With its sizefryerable 2 litre capacity drawer with food separator you can cook meat, fish and vegetables separately at the same time, just set the controls to the right temperature and time that you need. What’s more, you can make baked treats such as scones, pies and cupcakes or even roasted joints, the versatility is endless. There is no messy oil to dispose of and it is dishwasher safe too making it quick and easy to clean too.

The Purifry has a 2 litre capacity and a food separator, it heats up quickly and cooks more efficiently than a conventional oven.

With a sizeable drawer, you can cook a variety of vegetables, meat, fish, potatoes and the food separator feature allows you to do a couple of things at the same time without the need for any oil if thats your choice. Personally, I like to use a teaspoon of rapeseed or sunflower oil as your body does need a little!

With no oil to dispose of which would risk clogging up water systems, you can simply slip out the containers and wash them in the dishwasher.

You can read some of the reviews below and check out more by following  this link for the Russell Hobbs Health Fryer. Some of these reviews mention the instructions, with respect to those people, these machines are pretty simple to work and the recipe books do tend to make it clearer. Don’t be put off by comments on the instructions, you put the food in, select the temperature and set the timer and press go. Depending on what you are cooking, you will need to shake the basket half way through. I have also baked cakes in mine and can recommend the brownies! I’ve warmed bread rolls, roasted veg and done much more as well!

Air Fryers in the USA

While air fryers were initially marketed in Europe, they are now becoming more readily available in the USA and Canada.

The Actifry and Phillips can still be hard to obtain, but not impossible. However there are different models that have been developed for the US which are just as good.

Take for example the GLIP AF800. The GLIP is similar in design and the way it works to the Phillips Air Fryer. It will cook your favorite foods and snacks in a healthier way using the principle of rapid-air exchange (continuously heated air combined with high-speed air cycling) and a unique, multi-surface air flow design to provide a one-time comprehensive heating. So, for most food, there is no need to add oil for cooking.

With the additional roasting plate, you now have a more convenient way to make delicious foods like fries, chicken wings, cheese sticks, hamburgers and much more! You will also enjoy eating your healthier food sooner than with traditional models, because the Glip Oil-less Air Fryer can cook delicious meals and snacks in less time. Most foods, including fries, pork chop, chicken wings, drumsticks, calamari, shrimp, etc., are ready to serve within 20 minutes and the built-in timer, which supports automatic turnoff, allows you to preset a maximum of 30 minutes, if necessary.

Cleanup is simple because the removable frying basket is dishwasher-safe. The Fryer also comes with cool-touch housing and a heat insulated handle for easy and safe operation.

This AF800 model comes in Black or White, Power output: 1400WVoltage: 120V/60Hz with a capacity: of 2.2Liter. Maximum Cooking Temperature is 400DegreeF and there is a  30 minute Timer. Made from Stainless steel, steel with enamel, and comes with a Heat Resistant Pad, Manual and Cookbook. Prices currently around $138.

Low Fat Air Fryers Compared

When comparing low fat air fryers you will notice that the appearance of the units are quite different and of course, which you prefer will be down to personal preference. However, my preference is for the Philips Air Fryer with it’s clean cut lines and pod shape. While everything is hidden away when cooking, this is likely to mean that children will be less inclined to try and watch their tea go round and round. On the opposite side, you have to pull the basket out to check on the contents and shake when cooking some items and the basket can need a good pull to get it out.

The Philips appears to be faster than the Tefal, but both take longer with chips than any other food which maybe fresh or frozen. Given the way these machines work, you are going to get splatter from both of them. With the Tefal this will be on the clear lid (which has been known to discolour and crack), with the Philips this will be mostly on the splash guard below the grill element, but the obvious parts of both machines are dishwasher safe.

As indicated, the Tefal has come in for a battering because of the need for replacement parts. Given the price, one would hope everything would work for longer, but that’s the price you pay for the new technology.  That said,  I think that Tefal have improved the stirring paddle that seems to have been at the root of the problems. The newer FZ7000 series no longer has a clip on paddle that was prone to break, instead it has a click and lock one that is far better. The Philips is far to new to have a history to draw on, so we will have to wait and see.

While both machines will cook chips, french fries, wedges, meat and poultry, there are a couple of differences.  For example, in the Tefal Actifry you can produce stir fries and currys because of the paddle and a hidden heat element. The Philips Air Fryer can’t do stir fries but will make you a nice sausage roll, bake a muffin, cake or quiche cook stuffed vegetables and brown off pre-baked bread. Basically, you need to decide where you tastes lie – do you prefer mostly savoury foods or would you like the convenience of baking in a worktop sized mini oven? If the latter, you may find that the baking tray you require is an additional add-on for some models. I believe it’s around £18 to buy separately.

The other major difference is that the Philips has a smaller capacity than the Tefal of around 20%. So if you are looking for a family sized model go for either the standard Tefal or the larger family sized model.

Taking a quick look at the De’Longhi Roto Fry, you can only cook foods that are suitable for deep fat frying as there are no more options. De’Longhi do have a good reputation though so if you just want it for chips with a bit less fat, go for this one as it’s cheaper.

The price of course is a major concern. The Philips Air Fryer can retail at £85+ but will more likely be £99+ . Some wholesale companies can offer a better deal, so try here for the Philips model. However, in monetary terms, the Tefal ActiFry is usually similar depending on the model.  There is also the Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer Multicooker that is new to the market and can be found  priced around £65. Not quite the same, but if you are interested in the De’Longhi Roto Fry, the cheapest I have found it is around £65, but it is more limited in terms of what you can cook and will use more oil to do so.

For me, I’m still unsure. I like the look of the Philips, the size and it’s versatility, the price of the De’Longhi is the best but not the fact it only cooks deep fried food albeit in less oil than normal. The Tefal Actifry is more tried and tested, but comes with a questionable reliability record for some of the parts, namely the paddle and lid. No doubt these components have improved in the later models and you can purchase these parts separately should they break outside the guarantee period.

The Low Fat Air Fryer vs Other Hot Air Fryers

Even if you already own a low fat air fryer, you may still find this site useful as there are several decent recipes and ideas that will help you make the most of your new kitchen aid. If you are thinking about getting one, you will find this site really useful in helping you to decide whether to get one, or which one to get!  If you have arrived here as you are trying to lose weight or for medical reasons you have to cut down on your fat intake, don’t go away! These machines are ace for low fat cooking (especially chips!)  So, you may have guessed, there are two types of low fat fryer – a combination more ‘standard’ type and then the low fat air versions such as the Philips AirFryer or the Tefal Actifry which are both well supported.

Where traditional deep fat fryers will require you to submerge the food in hot oil, the Tefal and the Philips circulate very hot air heated up to 200c to heat the food and provide a crispy outer layer. The air is pushed around the food, albeit chips, fish or chicken to brown them off making this type of frying a much healthier option. Food is cooked quickly and cleanly with handmade thin cut chips taking from as little as 12 minutes depending on the model, and frozen oven ready French fries taking a little less time as they are partly cooked.

An air fryer is also useful for people who are nervous of traditional chip pans and deep fat fryers, which are well known to be the start of many a fire in our homes (including my mother-in-law who walked off and forgot it, resulting in a hefty insurance claim). In fact, there are around 12,000 chip pan fires every year in the UK alone and, as a direct result of these fires, about 50 people will die. They are also useful for people who find it difficult to grip pan handles or who tend to shake a lot, as they will not be involved in dealing with boiling fats.

Philips Air Fryer
Philips Air Fryer

Where the low fat air fryers benefit the most is of course the fact that they use much less fat when cooking. This can be as much as over 80% less fat than conventional types of fryer require to cook and brown your food. In fact, if preparing your own fries, you can get the fat level down to 1.5%.  Although the jury may be out on that one, it’s not rocket science to realise that there is an enormous saving in terms of the amount of fat you put into your body!  It has been estimated that in the UK, where chips are particularly popular, that we get through approximately 240 thousand kilos of this type of hidden fat each and every year.

If you happen to be trying to lose weight, then chips and chocolate are probably high on your cravings list. Obviously, air fryers can’t do much about the chocolate side of things, but by their very nature, they can allow you to still eat ‘proper’ chips and deal with that particular craving. So, if you have a dislike for the cardboard taste of some oven chips, this may be your answer, as manufacturer’s claim they taste just like the more fatty variety.

You can put fresh or frozen products in Tefal and Philips Airfryer which of course work independently of any oven, so you can get a meal on rapidly if you’ve been out all day. A bonus for many!

NOTE.………..  And The Best News – The Tefal Actifry is NOW REDUCED TO £94.99.  if you follow the links on this page the Tefal ActiFry FZ700015 Low Fat Electric Fryer. The Philips AirFryer (pictured above) is currently reduced to £84!! (The deals can vary from day to day so you may need to check all of the models.)

The Tefal Air Fryer

Enjoyed by more than three million households world-wide, the Tefal Air Fryer is claimed to be the best-selling air fryer in the UK. The ActiFry is a revolutionary product which allows you to enjoy tasty, traditional, home-cooked chips, but at the same time stay healthy and feel good about what you are eating.

The ActiFry is part of the Nutritious & Delicious range from Tefal, which aims to produce innovative products for people searching for healthier ways to cook, without compromising on taste.

Healthy, perfect chips with just three per cent fat. And The Best News – Looking to buy cheap Actifry? Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Fryer, (1 kg) is still heavily reduced at £94.99. Keep an eye on the Philips though, at £84+.  Trying to keep up but it seems these prices can fluctuate within days…. trying to keep up……….!

By using just one spoonful of oil, you can make one kilogram of golden, crispy home-made chips, which is enough to feed a family of four.

Simply load up to one kilogram of freshly-cut chips into the Tefal fryer, drop in a measure of your preferred oil using the spoon provided and set the timer, the ActiFry does the rest. Just wait for the timer to end and the alarm to sound.

The steam-free lid and viewing window means that you can always keep an eye on your food, although with the food being constantly, but gently stirred by the mixing arm, all you need to do is add you ingredients and let them cook.

The automatic lid opens at the push of a button for your convenience.
When opened, the ActiFry will automatically stop until you close the lid again. An easy grip handle means you can safely remove the pan and serve your food.

Once your food is cooked, the cover and pan can all be removed and are the necessary parts can be popped in to the dishwasher. The non-stick coating on the pan also means any leftover food comes off easily with no fuss. That’s everything you need to wash up taken care of quickly and simply. See above for the cheapest Tefal Actifry links.

The Tefal air fryer is endorsed by Ellie Krieger, MS, RD who is a registered dietician, New York Times Bestselling author, TV personality, and former professor at New York University’s Department of Nutrition and Food Studies. Ellie has created some recipes that are to be included in the recipe book that comes with the Actifry.

In the meantime, watch how to prepare Chicken Tikka Masala in your Actifry air fryer below!

The Breville Halo

So, finally there is a new kid on the block in the form of the Breville VDF065 Halo Low Fat Health Fryer. This new competition for the Philips and Tefal Air Fryer has recently been launched and is basically a re-vamped halogen oven with wings and bells for preparing your starters, main meals and desserts with the minimum of oil.

Now, I haven’t personally tried this machine, but it does seem to be gaining a fan base quite quickly. As it is usually cheaper than the Tefal or Philips if you go for the white version (black is quite a bit more expensive), it makes it an attractive proposition.

More similar to the Actifry, the Halo has a capacity of 1 kg and if you are cooking chips or wedges, you need just one spoon of oil just the same. There is a removable ‘rise and fall’ paddle that is placed in the non-stick rotating bowl to move the food constantly around the pan. With the overhead halogen heat source (useful, as it means there is no need to pre-heat the unit), the food will be browned and crisped up evenly.

You can bake, fry, saute and roast a variety of foods and with the addition of the roasting rack, you can cook more delicate foods such as fish without it breaking up. You do have to cook everything at the same temperature though as there is no facility to change this.

The non-stick cooking parts are dishwasher safe and the unit has an automatic cut off and timer and also comes with a recipe book.

On the down side, a couple of reviewers have noted that the rise and fall paddle an get stuck because of food getting trapped underneath it.

The Halo is basically a great improvement on previous halogen type ovens and is top in the class. However, it is a bit bigger than the Actifry but is fairly light to move around. If you are cooking chips with the minimum amount of oil, these may take a little longer but the results will be similar to the Actifry and the Philips.

I’m not overly concerned about the lack of temperature control although others may be. The Breville Halo seems to have passed the ‘acid’ test of cooking chips but that these may cause the paddle to get stuck! Personally, I’m still for the Philips but when they sort out the teething problems with the Halo, it may be one to watch.

Go and check out the Breville VDF065 Halo Health Fryer now and see what you think.

The Philips Air Fryer

The new Philips Air Fryer works using a unique combination of air circulation and a top grill known as Rapid Air Technology. What this does is to provide a uniform combination of heat and air to all areas of the food resulting in a dry crispy outside with a normally cooked inside. The current cheapest available price is £89 in the black and the white coming in at over £154, you can still obtain the Philips Viva Collection Airfryer HD9220/50 seen below for about £164 if you follow any links on this site  for this model  but this changes almost as fast as I get in and out of the shower in the morning so you may be lucky and get it for less!

Moving on, there have been claims that the Philips Air Fryer will work without oil, but to get any decent taste they have now admitted that you do need a little.

There is a food separator accessory for the Philips which means you can happily cook different foods at the same time. The air filter deals quite effectively with any smells which avoids your kitchen smelling like the local greasy spoon café.

As for cleaning, the basket, divider and pan are all dishwasher safe. In addition if the you have the HD9225, you can put the baking tray in as well.

When in use, the outside of the fryer will mostly be just warm to the touch, but there are some external areas that will become quite hot. Obviously, the machine should be keep well away from little hands.

The recipe book even provides a way to bake muffins and brownies as well as the savoury recipes you would expect. While vegetables that can be grilled, such as zucchini, corncobs or peppers, can be prepared in the Air Fryer, those that need to be steamed or boiled such as broccoli, beans and carrots cannot. Pre-baked bread can be put in the fryer to crisp up fast, foods prepared for a barbeque and frozen foods defrosted all adding to the machine’s versatility.

Philips Air Fryer NOW £89!

To give you an idea of how long things take to cook let’s look at one of our favourites, chips!

If you are using frozen chips they will already have oil on them, so you don’t need any more. 300-700 grams of thin chips will take 12-16 minutes and thick frozen chips 12-20 minutes. 300-800 grams of home made skinny chips take 18-25 minutes while wedges will take 18-22 minutes. Don’t forget to add on the three minutes warming up time and the fact that you have to shake the basket half way through.

Where the Philips Air Fryer differs from the Tefal Actifry is that you can bake in it as well (although you can’t do stir fries). You can put pre-baked rolls etc., in the pan to brown off and make yourself some muffins which take 15-18 minutes. If you fancy a quiche this will take 20-22 minutes.  There’s a recipe for Risotto Balls HERE, watch out for more!

De’Longhi Hot Air Roto Fry

The Roto fry is also a hot air fryer and uses less oil than conventional air fryers. However, they work differently. While the Tefal and the Philips require at most, a spoonful of oil to cook and brown the food, the Roto Fryer dips food in and out of hot oil, using hot air in between dipping. Because of this process, there is less oil involved but quite a bit more than is used with the low fat machines.

The De’Longhi F28311 Roto Fryer is an innovative take on deep frying, with a unique angled, rotating basket that uses only half the oil of a standard 1 kg capacity fryer, creating perfectly fried food. In addition, the Roto Fryer has a patented ‘Easy Clean System’, which means there’s a built-in drain hose to remove the oil, a convenient solution to the mess that is sometimes created when clearing away fryers.

DeLonghi Roto Fry

The F28311 has an adjustable thermostat ranging from 150 to 190 degrees centigrade and a ready-to-cook indicator light to show when the fryer is at the desired temperature. The fryer basket can be raised or lowered with the lid closed and the practical viewing window will allow you to monitor the cooking process without opening the lid. When the food is ready there is an automatic lid release button, the lid can be removed and washed, the oil drained away and the non-stick bowl can be easily cleaned. The lid contains a replaceable anti-odour filter and the fryer has cool touch walls so the outside remains cooler than metal body fryers, making it easy to move or tidy away after use.

Estimates by users suggest it uses about one third of the oil of conventional fryers which is still far more than the low fat air fryers. However, the manufacturers suggest it uses half the oil. Either way, the cost of the Roto Fry is considerably less so if money is an issue, go for this one.

Independent review….

I bought this fryer a few weeks ago, and although I’ve only used it three or four times, so far I’m very impressed. It makes brilliant chips considering it only takes a third of the oil of my old fryer.
I was going to go for the Tefal that boasts only needing a teaspoon of oil, but I was put off by reliability reports, plus it is reported to be noisy and slow. This Delongi is neither!

Best Airfryers Under $300

#1 Philips XL Airfryer, The Original Airfryer, Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat, Black, HD9240/94:

Air is the new oil; this product as a genuine one can fry food in a healthier way by lowering the calories to 75%. Listed as one of the top rated, it comes with a beautifully designed cooking basket that holds around 2 liters of oil and 1.76 pounds of food. The machine consumes around 1500 watts of power, but for what it delivers, it’s entirely worth it. Although the capacity is a little drawback here given that Philips should try to come up with a much larger air fryer, the device is everything you crave for after analyzing the price vs performance graph.

#4 David Burke Grandeur Collection 3.5 Quart Capacity Air Fryer:

With a much healthier way to fry food, the device contained a fully digital control, and it has around 8 customized and preset modes from which you can choose one based on your recipe. This Air Fryer contains an adjustable thermostat, a dishwasher safe, removable frying tray, an automatic timer and a charcoal filter; all together responsible to deliver odor free, oil-free, hassle free, crispy and warm food as an outcome while keeping it equally tasty when done with the regular frying process.

CASO Air Fryer with Removable Basket and Detachable Cord:

Included with a detachable cord, the device has the basic elements like the removable basket, the adjustable thermostat, the 60-minute timer and the automatic shutting down technology. It has customised modes that are categorised as 6 preset projects, and you can select one based on what you are cooking. The dishwasher safe is used to clean the gadget easily. The interior of this device is exquisite and it makes the device look classy with the LED display and high-end touch panel together.

Ridge yard 15L Stainless Steel Pressure Deep Fryer Machine Cooking Countertop for Commercial Restaurants Home:

Made of the 304 steel, the device looks classy and elegant. Speedy to cook, under 6-7 mins for every bunch, it has a huge round crate fits 2-3 chickens and therefore the capacity is as well desirable here.  Secure to use, the fryer embrace an adaptable shaft supporting gadget with solenoid valve and gas alleviation valve to guarantee an appropriate gas weight and anticipate blast. Appropriate for many recipes, this one is ideal to have in your kitchen especially if you’re someone who can’t spend much time in cooking.

#2 De’Longhi FH1363 MultiFry Extra, air fryer and Multi Cooker, Black:

With multi restrictive cooking framework and programmed blending paddle, this device is everything you want, given that you want to cook some excruciatingly delicious meals for your friends and family. Multifry is a creative low-oil fryer that permits you to get food with practically zero extra oil. It has got more advantageous renditions when compared to its alternatives that are existing in the market. The creative development of the two warming components encompasses the food with warmth for a quick, notwithstanding cooking process. However, the capacity of the Air Fryer is around 600 Oz and the removable frying pan, dishwasher safe makes the kitchen gadget easy to maintain and clean.

#5 Air Fryer and Rotisserie Multi Cooker By Good Cooking:

Used to fry, grill, bake and roast all the food recipes without oil; it is one of the best and optimised Air Fryers available in the market. The best thing about the Rotisserie Air Fryer is that it rotates the frying basket 360 degrees even while heating and therefore, air is circulated to each corner of the basket and the food is fried uniformly. Due to the constant air circulation within the basket, the time invested tends to be 30% lesser than the time; the food is cooked with other Air Fryers. It is easily cleaned and comes with a rack, poultry fork, cooker, food roller and tongs as well.

Philips Viva Collection Digital Airfryer HD9230 Low-fat fryer Multicooker (WHITE):

The Quick Air Technology and the rapid air circulation involved courses hot air with speed and exactness for quintessential outcomes with a tablespoon or less of oil. It has got a unique design which enhances the crispiness and taste of the food.  With the Airfryer you can cook, fry, bake, grill or roast the food based on the type of recipe and the ingredients you have. However, the capacity is limited to 1.8 lbs, and you can only serve two people at a time. The computerised interface makes things much easier than every other Air Fryer, and the charcoal absorber reduces the odours of the frying process.

#3 Air Deep Fryer Emeril 3.5 qt. Pro System Black:

The device is known to have a very rapid air frying system which helps you in frying the food without oil or with very less oil. Like all the Air Fryers available in the market, it has got an adjustable thermostat and a 30-minute timer and when your time is up, the device will be automatically shut off and will slide to the warm mode. The device is light to carry and it holds a 3.5 litre basket for the food and a 4 litre pot for the oil and therefore, you can serve around 3 people at a time.

#6 Power 3.4 qt. Air Fryer XL PAFR-34 in Red:

The Power 3.4 qt. Air Fryer XL gives you a chance to serve your loved ones with the most unexpected and fairly impossible dishes. Based on the capacity, you can serve two people at a time after using it once. The device has an adjustable thermostat that helps you in regulating the temperature till 400 degrees, and it comes with an automatic shutoff. Simple, wipe clean touch board with 7 preset projects; this device is a must need in your kitchen especially if you love cooking. It consumes around 1500 watts of power and delivers amusing outcomes and the device comes with a removable aluminum bowl (unlike the steel bowls) and a cooking book with 27 recipes.

DrumCook Barbecue Grill Steam Oven and Air Fryer Healthy Cooker IDD-6900WS 220V:

The device is used to cook food with absolutely no oil, no water and with zero difficulties as well. It has got a rotating drum which rotates the tray 360 degrees and helps in circulation of the air to every corner of the tray. Because of that, the cooking is more enhanced and indulged. It has a power consumption of 690 watts which makes it the most energy saving kitchen gadget that I’ve seen. You can cook tonnes of recipes using this device given that it is easy to clean and maintain.