Is the weight control plan murdering your taste buds? Not anymore, invest in an air fryer and relish the sinful delicacies.

The best air fryer guide for healthy living

The first thing that comes to the mind while we go for a weight reduction program or healthy diet is to cut down the unwanted calories and junk. So the easiest way is to cut out the sinful delicacies which you love to gorge. However, a blessing has come for the foodies in the form of air fryer. Now stop terrifying your taste buds and invest in the amazing cooking appliance known as air fryer.

So the easiest way is to cut out the sinful delicacies which you love to gorge. However, a blessing has come for the foodies in the form of air fryer. Now stop terrifying your taste buds and invest in the amazing cooking appliance known as air fryer.

It claims that it can cut down 75% fat content of the fried stuff without compromising on the taste. So the amazing product is for the ‘foodie health freak. But the struggle to select the model is a big thing. Again with online shopping the moment you start looking for the best deal, you will be surprised to see market saturated. So many companies offering the same product but with different price band is baffling. The features are more or less same, and the technical guff is difficult to understand.

But the struggle to select the model is a big thing. Again with online shopping the moment you start looking for the best deal, you will be surprised to see market saturated. So many companies offering the same product but with different price band is baffling. The features are more or less same, and the technical guff is difficult to understand.

The features to check while buying an air fryer

Firstly determine how much you need the product? Say for example if you and other members are already into boiled and raw food diet then the gadget will be of limited use. So opting for brands which have smaller basket is a good idea.

Again if your family and you find solace in having sinful delicacies than this is a blessing in disguise. Pick the best of the lot and do not mind paying extra bucks, since it will be an investment for years to come.

Look out for the power and body temperature control. If you allow kids to cook, then buying the gadget which has cool body option is an intelligent pick. If your spouse raids the kitchen occasionally then look for the Basket cleaning option in the dishwasher. At least you will have extra time to clear themes he will leave for you.

Read the compared study of the currently available air fryer

To steer clear of the confusion, we have tried to include all the available brands in the market. This will save your time from reading endless written updates and will make the research easy.

So let’s begin with the top selling and the most popular air fryer.

Philips Viva Collection HD9220


best air fryerCapability- 2.2 liters. It has a modest capacity, and investing in this product will work for years to come as the moderate size makes it all purpose use.  

Power-1425 watts

Usability- the basket can be cleaned in the dish washer, the exterior does not get heated up on use. Suitable for multiple items cooking as it provides food separator. Air vents are laced with air filter, so you need not worry about the quality of food. It has a cord storage and summons you with the signal when the food is cooked.

Warranty- 2 years

Settings- it has time and temperature control which are set up to 30 mins and 200 C respectively.

Pros – absolute no risks of burns as the exterior remains cool in use. You can shift places while in use. The recipe booklet is provided along with it, so creativity is the word. App friendly so again monitoring is easy. Installation is not required, all you need is to plug in and start.

Cons- as of now the only downside to the product has surfaced the length of the cord. It is quite short, so you have to stick near to plugin area.

Outcome- the top brand of electrical home appliances has come up with the air fryer maintaining its trustworthiness. All you need is to follow the booklet for instructions and recipes or if you like cooking then just be creative. Break all the laws for a healthy diet as this product will not compromise on taste and quality.

Pigeon super 3.2 L air fryer-

Capability- 3.2 l. A bit on the higher side for nuclear families but if looking forward to cooking in big batches then it works the best.

Power- 1500 Watt

Usability- it has a cool touch handle and signals when the cooking is done. Can dump the basket in dish washer after use. It has vents for air outlets.

Warranty- 2 years

Settings- temperature and time control is up to 200 C to 30 mins respectively.

Pros– the strong power and a considerable big basket ensure that you cook in large batches. It saves a lot of time if you need quick refills.

Cons– recipe booklet is not included. The lack of compartmentation confines you with one kind of dish

Outcome– end of all the frying, sautéing and the constant fight to cut out oil with the least compromise on the taste. No more cheat days, all you need is to stuff your fryer basket with all the sinful food.

Kens Tar Astor Air Fryer

Kens Tar Astor Air FryerCapability- 3 L

Power– 1500 Watt

Usability- it has a temperature resistance touch handle, dishwasher safe, signal works after cooking, sound air filtration system, secret handle space.

Warranty– 1 year

Settings- temperature and time control is the standard norm, 200C and 30 mins flat.

Pros- the hidden handle is temperature resistant, so even while cooking if the exterior is heated up you can shift the air fryer. The size of the basket is sufficiently large so no need to wait for the next batch of refill.

Cons– the temperature control is not that convenient also the warranty is for a year.

Outcome– with this product in your home you forget the old traditional diet methods. Now the time is to enjoy your food rather than to just fill your tummy. Even the oil free cooking has good effects on kids and elderly people. So the introduction of the product guarantees good health in the long run.

Havell’s pro-life Digi air fryer-

Havell's pro-life Digi air fryer-Capability- 4 L

Power- 1230 Watt

Usability- food compartmentalization possible, the handle remains cool, air filtration for healthy cooking, it signals, the basket can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Warranty– 2 years

Settings– it has a touch screen control with an LCD panel display. Temperature and time are 200 C to 60 mins respectively.

Pros– the big basket ensures that you cook in full capacity and the compartmentalization makes it easy for variety cooking. The time control gives you time to indulge for yourself and detailed cooking. Also if you want to cook sweet delicacies, this product is for you.

Cons– the power capacity is low as in comparison with other brands

Outcome– we recommend this brand if you a big family. This ensures health for the whole family and lets you free with the quality time. You can sit with the rest of members and enjoy. The fryer will do the job.

Lifelong Healthy Fry Air Fryer

Lifelong Healthy Fry Air FryerCapability- 2.6 L

Power– 1350 Watt

Usability- the air outlet has openings, handle remains cool while in use, the basket can be dumped in dishwasher, recipe booklet, and ready signals

Warranty- 2 years

Settings– temperature and time control is 200 C and 30 mins respectively.

Pros- has an awesome air flow system which evenly distributes the air while cooking. The efficient air distribution cooks the large quantity of food, or the grilling or frying of big chunky food is also done perfectly.

Cons- The exterior gets relatively hot while cooking. So has to be extra cautious while cooking.

Outcome- this will surely become your integral part of your cooking department. The good healthy and hassle free cooking makes sure that you are the top chef in your Family. So goodbye to bland and boil food, welcome the relishing items in your palate.

BLACK+DECKER  oil free fryer

BLACK+DECKER  oil free fryerCapability– 2 L

Power-175- 400 D F

Usability-it has indicator lights. One light is for power, and the other display is

For preheating indicator.

Settings- temperature is Variable that is to defrost and to grill as well. The range is from 175- 400 degrees. The timer is set for 60 mins flat.

Pros- you are investing in a good brand which delivers you quality food items with a little oil.

Cons- capacity is restricted and some customers reviewed in feedback that they didn’t like the taste of the food.

Outcome- an affordable product from a respectable brand but the idea of inviting friends for healthy meal option needs a second thought.


Capability- 3.7 Q

Power-1400 Watt

Usability- the bells and whistles are a minus but has all the vital indicators for safe use.

Settings– the standard 175 – 400 F temperature is suitable for variable cooking and the time is moderated for 30 mins.

Pros- fast cooking as the air circulates very evenly on the food.  The recipe booklet is available.

Cons- nothing much but yes you need to rely on your instinct for cooking as the indicators are missing.

Outcome- the most efficient of the lot. Here you are getting the maximum what the other brands are offering at the double price. The value for money product guarantees for being the top performer.

Power Air Fryer

power air fryerCapability- 3.4 AND 5.3 QT

Power- 1700 Watt

Usability- can cook almost anything. The use of oil is minimum or negligible.

Settings- 400 degrees is the highest temperature. So you can bake, roast and do anything with such a high range.

Pros- with a pizza pan, baking tray, and cooking tongs the chef in you can explore. The rapid air technology is sufficient for evenly cooking techniques.

Cons- the reviews suggest that the door is hard to close and thus the cooking might get affected if not closed completely.

Outcome- with a vibrant red color which is yet rare as most of them come in black, this product is sure as it gives a multi aspect of cooking. You will not regret if you invest in this product.

Air Fryer by Cozyna

Capability- 3.2 L

Power– NA

Usability- it can fry, roast, grill and do almost all the job of a cooking range.

Settings– since can do almost everything in cooking the temperature and timing is variable.

Pros- ideal for gifting as moderately priced. It saves all the nutrients and works wonder in the kitchen.

Cons- limited capacity makes the cooking process slow. The brand is at loggerhead with big giants, so the competition is not fair.

Outcome- if looking for gifting option, it an ideal option. Do not forget to check for an occasional price reduction in the online sites. It is still able to hold its position in the market.

Big Boss oil less fryer

Capacity- 16 Q

Power– 1300 Watt

Usability- saves the thawing time as the frozen food can be directly moved in the basket. Also, you can cook, grill and do almost anything forms of cooking.

Settings- it has three cooking power- Convection, Halogen, and Infrared heat

Pros- a great deal product as it gives you all the options in cooking from defrosting, roasting, frying and baking. Color variation option is there, and red is the new color.  It claims to use less energy, and the cooking speed is three times faster than its competitors.

Cons- a lot of accessories are provided with it, and so you might get confused about the application. Sometimes the cooking gets tremendously slow as it claims to do all the aspects of cooking.

Outcome– a good option and demands a think over its time. You cannot just ignore the charming red chili color since black is the only color option for you. Though with top brands as its competitors this one is special.

The mechanism of an air fryer

You should know about the mechanism or the working module of the gadget. This ensures that the nutrients and the taste are not compromised. For this, the step by detailed step information is given below.

The food gets the heat from the electric coil which hangs over the food. The dry air from the top can enter the food evenly and cook it.

There is fan above the coil which kind of creates heat waves and distributes it evenly on the food. The commercial ovens to follow the same technique.

The convention action turns the oil into mists that coat the food and cooks it evenly. Do remember the small amount is thus sufficient since it is spread evenly on the top of the food.

It is now the traditional method of deep frying is substituted in the healthy cooking option.

Lastly, the steam generated from the food itself is again used to finish the cooking process.

Why is deep frying shunned by health freaks?

The rise in the number of heart failures, sedentary lifestyles, obesity and availability of fast food has urged the mankind to rethink and plan its eating habits. Gone are the days when mindless eating was a pleasure, now even the fittest believe in counting calories.

Also, deep frying tends to break the oil which increases the unhealthy level of cholesterol in the body. Thus the deep frying method is shunned and people are opting for healthier options.

The dangerous by products of deep frying such as drying coating of products remain in the oil and are found carcinogenic. Also, hazardous chemicals are released in the oil itself which affects the digestion of the food. So it is advised by the medical practitioners to reduce or mini9malize the intake of fried food.

Uneven cooking temperature while frying is a dangerous thing. It leads to oil penetration in high level, and thus the intake of harmful oil is uncontrollable. With the air fryers, you almost kill the risk as they work on fixed temperature and time.

The negative side of air fryer

No working system is error free. So we need to give you an unbiased feedback about the gadget.

Firstly it tends to strip off the moisture from the food making it dry. Some find it unacceptable. The taste is compromised, and the recipe with all the ingredients falls flat.

Secondly, it is a slow process. You need to be patient with your cooking. There will be a huge gap between demand and supply if you have to cater groups. Even with items like fingers and chips which are gulped in a mouthful, the need to wait is too much.

Pricing of the product

The standard pricing is 100$. However, depending on the features added they might rise. Even if you compromise on the brand then obviously you save money.


This is a product which is their last for years. Brands will improvise and add features in coming years. However, the basic and current models can meet the purpose of the innovation- to provide oil free food and not to succumb our taste buds ions the bland and tasteless cooked food. So make an informed decision and pick the best of the lot which suits you in all respect.