Best Airfryers Under $300

#1 Philips XL Airfryer, The Original Airfryer, Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat, Black, HD9240/94:

Air is the new oil; this product as a genuine one can fry food in a healthier way by lowering the calories to 75%. Listed as one of the top rated, it comes with a beautifully designed cooking basket that holds around 2 liters of oil and 1.76 pounds of food. The machine consumes around 1500 watts of power, but for what it delivers, it’s entirely worth it. Although the capacity is a little drawback here given that Philips should try to come up with a much larger air fryer, the device is everything you crave for after analyzing the price vs performance graph.

#4 David Burke Grandeur Collection 3.5 Quart Capacity Air Fryer:

With a much healthier way to fry food, the device contained a fully digital control, and it has around 8 customized and preset modes from which you can choose one based on your recipe. This Air Fryer contains an adjustable thermostat, a dishwasher safe, removable frying tray, an automatic timer and a charcoal filter; all together responsible to deliver odor free, oil-free, hassle free, crispy and warm food as an outcome while keeping it equally tasty when done with the regular frying process.

CASO Air Fryer with Removable Basket and Detachable Cord:

Included with a detachable cord, the device has the basic elements like the removable basket, the adjustable thermostat, the 60-minute timer and the automatic shutting down technology. It has customised modes that are categorised as 6 preset projects, and you can select one based on what you are cooking. The dishwasher safe is used to clean the gadget easily. The interior of this device is exquisite and it makes the device look classy with the LED display and high-end touch panel together.

Ridge yard 15L Stainless Steel Pressure Deep Fryer Machine Cooking Countertop for Commercial Restaurants Home:

Made of the 304 steel, the device looks classy and elegant. Speedy to cook, under 6-7 mins for every bunch, it has a huge round crate fits 2-3 chickens and therefore the capacity is as well desirable here.  Secure to use, the fryer embrace an adaptable shaft supporting gadget with solenoid valve and gas alleviation valve to guarantee an appropriate gas weight and anticipate blast. Appropriate for many recipes, this one is ideal to have in your kitchen especially if you’re someone who can’t spend much time in cooking.

#2 De’Longhi FH1363 MultiFry Extra, air fryer and Multi Cooker, Black:

With multi restrictive cooking framework and programmed blending paddle, this device is everything you want, given that you want to cook some excruciatingly delicious meals for your friends and family. Multifry is a creative low-oil fryer that permits you to get food with practically zero extra oil. It has got more advantageous renditions when compared to its alternatives that are existing in the market. The creative development of the two warming components encompasses the food with warmth for a quick, notwithstanding cooking process. However, the capacity of the Air Fryer is around 600 Oz and the removable frying pan, dishwasher safe makes the kitchen gadget easy to maintain and clean.

#5 Air Fryer and Rotisserie Multi Cooker By Good Cooking:

Used to fry, grill, bake and roast all the food recipes without oil; it is one of the best and optimised Air Fryers available in the market. The best thing about the Rotisserie Air Fryer is that it rotates the frying basket 360 degrees even while heating and therefore, air is circulated to each corner of the basket and the food is fried uniformly. Due to the constant air circulation within the basket, the time invested tends to be 30% lesser than the time; the food is cooked with other Air Fryers. It is easily cleaned and comes with a rack, poultry fork, cooker, food roller and tongs as well.

Philips Viva Collection Digital Airfryer HD9230 Low-fat fryer Multicooker (WHITE):

The Quick Air Technology and the rapid air circulation involved courses hot air with speed and exactness for quintessential outcomes with a tablespoon or less of oil. It has got a unique design which enhances the crispiness and taste of the food.  With the Airfryer you can cook, fry, bake, grill or roast the food based on the type of recipe and the ingredients you have. However, the capacity is limited to 1.8 lbs, and you can only serve two people at a time. The computerised interface makes things much easier than every other Air Fryer, and the charcoal absorber reduces the odours of the frying process.

#3 Air Deep Fryer Emeril 3.5 qt. Pro System Black:

The device is known to have a very rapid air frying system which helps you in frying the food without oil or with very less oil. Like all the Air Fryers available in the market, it has got an adjustable thermostat and a 30-minute timer and when your time is up, the device will be automatically shut off and will slide to the warm mode. The device is light to carry and it holds a 3.5 litre basket for the food and a 4 litre pot for the oil and therefore, you can serve around 3 people at a time.

#6 Power 3.4 qt. Air Fryer XL PAFR-34 in Red:

The Power 3.4 qt. Air Fryer XL gives you a chance to serve your loved ones with the most unexpected and fairly impossible dishes. Based on the capacity, you can serve two people at a time after using it once. The device has an adjustable thermostat that helps you in regulating the temperature till 400 degrees, and it comes with an automatic shutoff. Simple, wipe clean touch board with 7 preset projects; this device is a must need in your kitchen especially if you love cooking. It consumes around 1500 watts of power and delivers amusing outcomes and the device comes with a removable aluminum bowl (unlike the steel bowls) and a cooking book with 27 recipes.

DrumCook Barbecue Grill Steam Oven and Air Fryer Healthy Cooker IDD-6900WS 220V:

The device is used to cook food with absolutely no oil, no water and with zero difficulties as well. It has got a rotating drum which rotates the tray 360 degrees and helps in circulation of the air to every corner of the tray. Because of that, the cooking is more enhanced and indulged. It has a power consumption of 690 watts which makes it the most energy saving kitchen gadget that I’ve seen. You can cook tonnes of recipes using this device given that it is easy to clean and maintain.