Prophet1 Expert Advisor Review – Initial $1,000 Nets $42,000 Profit With Prophet1 Expert Adviser

There are lots of forex trading systems on the market. A number of them are making some pretty outrageous claims. If you see an ad for an automated trading system which claims it can make you rich overnight, it is only common sense to discount it as just another forex scam. But mechanical systems do exist that can enable you to make you small, consistent profits month after month. Aren’t consistent gains what it’s all about when you get right down to it?

So how do you decide which forex trading platform software to select? What should you believe?

One good way to tell whether the automated forex system you are looking at is worth the cash would be to see whether they provide backtesting results. Backtesting is the principal component found in an effective trading system. It entails reconstructing transactions with historical data from the past. The results you get will be a guide in testing the effectiveness of the method you’re using. Any high-quality mechanical system will offer to allow you to see those backtesting results rather than tell you that they exist. One system that passes this critical review point is the Prophet1 Expert Advisor.

Prophet1 Pro Advisor Review – What’s so great about this automated forex program?

The initial investment made was only $1000 but had grown to over $42,000 by September of 2007. Prophet1 Expert itAdviser review made again in 90% of the transactions made for this period.

Though this might not look like a mind-blowing achievement to some, remember that the average Joe only makes $20,000 to $30,000 each year. Therefore, $42,000 profit gained more than a 21 month period would be just like earning the same amount of money as an additional full-time job! The most beautiful part is the fact that it had been on auto-pilot and without the draining, an exhaustive endeavor that a second project requires! How much easier would your life be if you had an extra fulltime income which just needed a few minutes of your time each day