Russell Hobbs Purifry Health Fryer

And still they come….. Yet another air fryer has now reached the market, again a testiment to their popularity. This time, we have the Russell Hobbs Health Fryer which should be available on the market for around £80. Yet again this one is in a similar design to the Philips Air Fryer which was the first to come out with this egg shaped design.

So is this one any different? Probably not, but Russell Hobbs like Philips do have quite a good following as they have been around for some time. Reviewers seem to think it’s good (see some of the reviews at the bottom of the page), so it’s up to you to decide. If you buy from a reputable web site or store, you can always return it under the guarantee so worth a punt if you either buying for the first time or replacing an original (I’ve had my Philips since they first came out and it still gets regular use and looks good on the worktop).

Here’s a few basics of the Russell Hobbs Purifry Health Fryer that may help.

2L capacity
Basket separator
Timer with auto switch-off
Variable temperature up to 200°C
Cooks both fresh or frozen
Dishwasher safe basket

The Purifry from Russell Hobbs is designed to be fast and easy to use as it utilizes fast-circulating air to cook favourites like chips or chicken nuggets using very little oil or fat. The coatings are claimed to be still crispy and of course there is no vapour or odour of food frying.

You can roast and bake with it too… helped by the recipe book that comes with it to give you a few ideas (there are also several recipes and details of air fryer recipe books on this site).

With its sizefryerable 2 litre capacity drawer with food separator you can cook meat, fish and vegetables separately at the same time, just set the controls to the right temperature and time that you need. What’s more, you can make baked treats such as scones, pies and cupcakes or even roasted joints, the versatility is endless. There is no messy oil to dispose of and it is dishwasher safe too making it quick and easy to clean too.

The Purifry has a 2 litre capacity and a food separator, it heats up quickly and cooks more efficiently than a conventional oven.

With a sizeable drawer, you can cook a variety of vegetables, meat, fish, potatoes and the food separator feature allows you to do a couple of things at the same time without the need for any oil if thats your choice. Personally, I like to use a teaspoon of rapeseed or sunflower oil as your body does need a little!

With no oil to dispose of which would risk clogging up water systems, you can simply slip out the containers and wash them in the dishwasher.

You can read some of the reviews below and check out more by following  this link for the Russell Hobbs Health Fryer. Some of these reviews mention the instructions, with respect to those people, these machines are pretty simple to work and the recipe books do tend to make it clearer. Don’t be put off by comments on the instructions, you put the food in, select the temperature and set the timer and press go. Depending on what you are cooking, you will need to shake the basket half way through. I have also baked cakes in mine and can recommend the brownies! I’ve warmed bread rolls, roasted veg and done much more as well!