The Breville Halo

So, finally there is a new kid on the block in the form of the Breville VDF065 Halo Low Fat Health Fryer. This new competition for the Philips and Tefal Air Fryer has recently been launched and is basically a re-vamped halogen oven with wings and bells for preparing your starters, main meals and desserts with the minimum of oil.

Now, I haven’t personally tried this machine, but it does seem to be gaining a fan base quite quickly. As it is usually cheaper than the Tefal or Philips if you go for the white version (black is quite a bit more expensive), it makes it an attractive proposition.

More similar to the Actifry, the Halo has a capacity of 1 kg and if you are cooking chips or wedges, you need just one spoon of oil just the same. There is a removable ‘rise and fall’ paddle that is placed in the non-stick rotating bowl to move the food constantly around the pan. With the overhead halogen heat source (useful, as it means there is no need to pre-heat the unit), the food will be browned and crisped up evenly.

You can bake, fry, saute and roast a variety of foods and with the addition of the roasting rack, you can cook more delicate foods such as fish without it breaking up. You do have to cook everything at the same temperature though as there is no facility to change this.

The non-stick cooking parts are dishwasher safe and the unit has an automatic cut off and timer and also comes with a recipe book.

On the down side, a couple of reviewers have noted that the rise and fall paddle an get stuck because of food getting trapped underneath it.

The Halo is basically a great improvement on previous halogen type ovens and is top in the class. However, it is a bit bigger than the Actifry but is fairly light to move around. If you are cooking chips with the minimum amount of oil, these may take a little longer but the results will be similar to the Actifry and the Philips.

I’m not overly concerned about the lack of temperature control although others may be. The Breville Halo seems to have passed the ‘acid’ test of cooking chips but that these may cause the paddle to get stuck! Personally, I’m still for the Philips but when they sort out the teething problems with the Halo, it may be one to watch.

Go and check out the Breville VDF065 Halo Health Fryer now and see what you think.