Top Air Fryer Reviews in 2021 | Best Hot Air Fryers for Your Kitchen

There’s a comfort that most of us feel when indulging in a plate of fried food. But besides the taste, there are not many positive benefits that we get from it. It is high in fats, high in calories and a major source of high cholesterol. The traditional way of frying is to completely submerge the food in cooking oil which increases the fat and calories. In addition, there are also other risks in food frying like the boiling oil can pop and scald anyone near the fryer; the oil can cause grease fires, etc… The most detrimental would still be those that are health-related. But the taste of fried food is so irresistible, even the most health-conscious people would look forward to their cheat day just to get a taste of their favorite fried dishes.


Now, we have a remedy for that—Air Fryer.

An air fryer is a compact kitchen appliance that is primarily used as an alternative for frying. It uses heat and high-speed air that circulates inside the unit for cooking. The heating temperature ranges from 175F to 400F, and this hot air is evenly distributed inside the unit by a convection fan located on top of the cooking chamber. The fan blows down from the top of the device through an electric heating element. Airflow starts at the top, heats up, then rushes onto and around your food through a mesh cooking basket, and then down to a shaped drip tray that recirculates the air back to the top. When the food comes out of the cooking unit, it is golden brown and crisp on the outside, and juicy on the inside. You can cook your food in the air fryer with or without any oil. Depends on your recipe, really. But sometimes, to achieve a more fried look, oil is added—but only a teaspoon full or less.

Air Fryer is a device which helps in cooking, frying and baking things with hot air instead of oil and therefore this device makes all the foods healthier by reducing the number of calories in it.



What you will find here is the ONLY complete guide to the new, and ground-breaking appliance, Air Fryers! Cooking with new revolutionary air technology and getting rid of the fattening, and down right dangerous oil deep fryers! Keep eating that fried food you love, just in a much healthier way!



If you’re one of them who are very eager to buy a new Air Fryer and are still unaware of the products, their features, specifications and what to expect from there; you’re at the right place. Here, we performed a broad research and with a specific end goal to figure out which items sit at the highest point of the market. It will be ideal if you keep using this shopping manual for taking in more about this valuable cooking gadget. Furthermore, when you’re prepared to make a buy, please allude to our item framework, above, for our underwriting of the main air fryers on today’s market.


How Air Fryers Work

The main idea behind air fryers is a lot like a convection oven or a turbo broiler except that they are bigger in size. A convection oven circulates hot air all over the cooking chamber but only the expensive ones have the fan to effectively distribute the hot air all over the chamber evenly. A turbo broiler uses infrared/halogen light heat and because it is a radiant heat, it travels all over the cooker but only rising up as it does in a convection oven.

In an air fryer, the hot air circulates very quickly around and through the food inside the cooking chamber until it cooks. The compact design of an air fryer is what makes the cooking fast and efficient. This rapid air movement also gives the food a “fried” feel and taste without having to actually “fry” anything.

Multi-cooking Features

The fact that the air fryer has a similar concept to that of a convection oven makes it possible to have a variety of cooking methods. Some air fryers have pre-programmed settings for cooking several types of foods—meat, shrimp, chicken, fish and cakes. Those air fryers with baking features have a separate baking pan and other accessories suited for the unit’s size. The baking time is nowhere near the time you would typically need when baking in a regular oven.

Also, air fryers with bigger cooking capacity are the ones that have multi-cooking functions. The extra space allows the consumer to cook for large numbers of people.

Safety and Cleaning

Air fryers mostly have detachable parts that are dishwasher-safe. You can disassemble these parts, put them all in the dishwasher, or you can manually soak them in warm water with liquid dishwashing soap and rinse them squeaky clean, and dry them before putting it all back together. The external parts can easily be cleaned with a little soapy washcloth and wipe them with a clean, wet washcloth afterward.

Some people would ask if air fryers are safe to use and if the air coming out from it is not dangerous. The answer to those would be YES. The hot air coming out from the unit will not cause any damage to you or your home. Air fryers have an excellent cooling system that starts as soon as the process of heating begins. The inner pressure and temperature are controlled by the exhaust system. Thus, you can rest assured that air fryers are one of the safest appliances that you can use.



Why do you need an Air Fryer?



Deep fried foods are a past time in the United States. We are an unhealthy country, that loves to make something delicious, look at it, decide if it can be deep fried, and if it can’t?



Throw it in the trash or roll it in something that CAN be Deep Fried! (seriously… we deep fry candy bars)



…Some of the best foods in the entire food menu of the world are deep fried in a pot of gooey oil, boiled to 10,000 degrees, fattening us up with every bite we take, and we never stopped to think.



Can we do this better?” or in todays modern world “How can we make this healthier?



Enter the Air Fryer revolution, a much healthier way to fry! Air Fryers are one of the hottest commodities on the market today, and for good reason too. They replace that tub of boiling cholesterol with their newly designed and innovative Air Fryers. They are the iphone of kitchen appliances, changing the game completely to the point where old oil deep fryers will be as obsolete as a typewriter. But before we go looking for your old deep fryer that’s filled with the same oil you fried a turkey in. Come take a look at all the horrible things oil deep fryer offered us.



“The Old Way” of doing things…



  • Buying an entire jug vegetable oil to use once (or twice if you’re the guy thinking about where his tub of oil is right now)
  • Exposing yourself and your family to extremely high temperatures of cooking oil
  • Keeping a close eye on the pan at all times
  • Overcooking, nothing can ruin deep fried chicken. Except when you burn it with hot oil
  • Waiting for he oil to cool down over night and then finding a special place to dump your old oil
  • Taking out your extinguisher so your ready for the fire your probably going to have
  • Gaining weight, food dipped and cooked entirely in grease taste delicious, but it doesn’t do your beach bod any favors



I am sure that I am missing some, but you get the picture. Old Deep Fryers were dangerous, unhealthy, and high maintenance. But our love for deep fried foods has never changed over the years, until now.



“The New Way” of doing things…



  • New innovative heated air circulation system
  • Constant continuous flow so every inch of your food is cook to perfection
  • By replacing oil with air, you save a ton in calories
  • No mess! Compact and sleek size allows for faster and much easier cleaning
  • Cook an assortment of food types in the healthiest way possible
  • Digital Keypads that come in different models with a variety of helpful selections to make
  • Cooling system exhaust used to pick up a small amount of the circulating heat, to maintain temperature
  • Cooling system filter to cool air down before releasing it to the air.
  • Cooks food in 30 minutes or less



Air Fryers improve on everything the oil deep fryers did wrong, and then some. Producing healthier meals for the entire family within 30 minutes. You can’t beat the amount of time you save on cleaning and prepping either, because after a big grease ball dinner what is the last thing you want to do? Clean.



Air Fryers Make Your Life Easier



Air Fryers offer that and much more with their modern design, they are manufactured to be user friendly. Some of the most helpful features that can vary on some models are



  • Cool-grip handles that allow you grab your basket and pan without scorching your skin off
  • Speaking of the basket and pan, they both are removable and easy to clean. Just rinse and throw them in the dishwasher
  • Compact size allows you to Air Fry almost anywhere in your home and makes finding a storage spot much easier
  • Digital Key Pads to set your Fryer to one of the specific food items, temperature, and time
  • Close your lid and walk away, your food will be done within 30 minutes or less!
  • Using only a heating element inside and heat transferred air, Air Fryers are guaranteed to fully cook your entire basket of food.



The device market is being flooded with different types of dependable and durable devices every day, and Air Fryers are one such device which not only addresses the cooking demands of the people but also helps with reasonable cooking. In case if you’re looking to buy an Air Fryer, it is best recommended to go through few good ones along with their reviews, features, specifications and then decide one as an Air Fryer is not a thing that can be repetitively bought.



A Air Fryer combines all kinds of cooking processes and prepares your food as an end product to consume without the usage of oil. An electric loop suspended over the food placed on the food pan gives a brilliant warming, much like a grill component or a stove top burner. This dry warmth enters the food item and keeps it warm from inside.  In the interim, a fan situated over the curl makes a current of super heated air that streams around the food. This process is widely known as convection warming, a cooking procedure adopted to cook meat, fry food by popular chefs all over the world. The convection gadget only uses some amount of oil and turns it into steam that coats and surrounds the food. This procedure thus involves usage of very less oil and is much preferable than the traditional cooking.



Wattage and Capacity:



Air Fryers have different Wattage and Capacity, and they usually require around 2100 watts of power and below. Buying an Air Fryer helps your kitchen support this kind of wattage without wasting much of gas. Most of the fryers available in the market can cook up to 2.5 pounds of food altogether. However, based on the specifications, it is important to draw a parallel and then take the best out of it.